Alien4cloud 1.3.0 is out! We entirely redesigned our TOSCA Editor, which is now fully integrated with Git. We also introduced Docker support and integrated with Mesos, Marathon and Ansible. And much more.

You can contact us to get the Premium version or download the OpenSource version right now from, just click on the download link in the navbar and have a look to our brand new TOSCA editor. Or continue reading and learn more about the new features. Here are some highlights:

New topology editor
Now fully integrated with Git, including edition history as well as push and pull from remote repository, the editor allows more flexibility than ever! You can now save, undo, redo modifications performed in the editor through UI or keyboard shortcuts, edit the YAML of the topology directly from alien UI or even browse the archive content, change any file (script, configuration etc.) or even upload new ones.

  • You are not editing a topology anymore but a full TOSCA archive!
  • Use the topology recovery to automatically get the last changes made on underlying archives.
  • Furthermore, the simplified API provides now the ability to update a topology archive in a single call.

More information: Editor overview, Git integration, Git history, Topology recovery

Manage artifact repositories
Enable your continuous integration and deployment thanks to repositories: Configure your remote repository (Http) in alien4cloud, artifacts will be automatically fetched from the repository. No need to upload your artifact manually in your topology anymore.

Git and maven repositories – Premium
Fetch the artifacts not only from http but also from Nexus maven repositories or directly from Git for a better integration in your software factory.
More information

Workspace – Premium
Developers can work independently on their own components in their own workspace within alien4cloud. Once ready, developers can share their components by sending a promote request to the global catalog or even to a specific application workspace. Administrators can manage user and application workspaces. More information

Containers/Docker support
Build blueprints with your existing containers to allow consistent operating environments for development, testing, and deployment, relying on Mesos plugin. More information

mesos-marathonYoutube videos:

TOSCA conformance improvements
Alien 4 Cloud now supports complex data types (including lists and maps) for topology inputs. Remember that you can access your complex properties using the get_property input in TOSCA.

Alien4Cloud High Availability – Premium
Alien4cloud provides a redundant architecture to ensure the high availability of the platform. More information

Bring the power of declarative topologies to Ansible– Premium
Manage and reuse your Ansible roles and playbook as TOSCA components in alien4cloud.
Check out our post “Ansible Integration With Alien4Cloud

Orchestrator and IaaS support
Alien4cloud 1.3 supports different orchestrators and infrastructures such as Cloudify 3.4, Amazon Web Services, Azure, VSphere, OpenStack and physical datacenters. Furthermore, Alien4cloud is customizable to support any resources on any cloud technology of your choice. More information

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